Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alfred Hitchcock is back

Well, Alfred Hithcock's movies never really went away from TCM, as there are a few to which they can get the rights to fairly easily. But it seems as though it's been quite some time since a lot of the movies have aired. It looks like TCM has regained the cable rights to some of them, at least, as they're running a night of his work in his native UK before he came over to the US to make Rebecca tonight. Unsurprisingly, I've recommended all three of TCM's selections before. But all three are worth another viewing.

The 39 Steps kicks the night off at 8:00 PM;
The Lady Vanishes follows at 9:30 PM.
Finally, at 11:15 PM, is Sabotage.


Kizone Kaprow said...

0 comments on all of your posts.
Why do you do this?
Is it narcissism, exhibitionism, or lonliness?

Ted S. (Just a Cineast) said...

By that logic, all those bloggers who turn off comments have no business blogging.

And presumably there's no point to twittering, either. Does anybody actually read that stuff?