Thursday, January 24, 2013

My but it's been a long time

I first mentioned when I blogged about Brighton Rock that is was one of those movies that I really liked, but it was hard to do a blog post about, since it had been some time since I saw it and didn't remember it all that well. An even more extreme example of this would be The Corpse came COD, which is airing tomorrow morning at 11:30 AM on TCM.

Adele Jergens plays movie star Mona Harrison, who at the start of the movie gets a crate from her studio that she's expcting to be filled with fabric samples. But no! It's filled with -- a corpse! (To be fair, with a title like The Corpse Came COD, the viewer should expect this.) So Mona calls her old friend, investigative journalist Joe Medford (George Brent) to investigate and find the murderer. Also getting involved in the murder investigation is lady journalist Rosemary (played by Joan Blondell). You can figure out what happens next, which is that Joe and Rosemary are going to fall for each other, although they're also going to be at blows constantly over the attempt to solve the murder mystery.

The Corpse Came COD is decidedly B stuff, and since it was made at Columbia, it's not something that will make its way to the Warner Archive. In fact, it's something that won't show up on TCM very often. (That's also the reason why I don't remember it perhaps as well as I should.) I couldn't remember the last time I saw it, so I did a search on my computer through all the monthly TCM schedules I've downloaded since I got the computer, which was in the beginning of July, 2007. Tomorrow's showing is the only match, which means that it hasn't been on TCM in over five and a half years.

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