Friday, January 4, 2013

Two more returnees

I did a post on Ronald Reagan's four Brass Bancroft films back in March 2009 when Reagan was Star of the Month. TCM is running the series again, this time starting tomorrow morning at 10:45 AM with Secret Service of the Air. Brass Bancroft joins up for the Service when another agent is killed in action and they need a man with skills as a pilot. Although the Service's real task was to investigate counterfeiting, in this movie Bancroft winds up investigating illegal immigration because the two crimes intersect. There's also a surprising scene of how the human traffickers prevent the authorities from finding out just what they're doing. The other three movies in the series will be airing on subsequent Saturday mornings at 10:45 AM, with the series ending conveniently just in time for 31 Days of Oscar to run in February and a new series to begin in March.

Also back on TCM is Now Playing: the Show. We're already four days in to January, and the show is on the schedule for early Saturday morning at 5:15 AM, which doesn't seem like a particularly opportune time as this isn't the sort of thing I think people would set their DVR for. But the bigger thing is that Now Playing: the Show is back at all. I would have thought that with Robert Osborne's reduced hosting duties that the show might have been gone for good.

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