Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Anybody got a pair of 3-D glasses?

Tomorrow morning at about 11:35 AM, TCM is running the short Audioscopicks, following The Broadway Melody (9:45 AM, 100 min). This is a Pete Smith short, looking first at the way human vision works, and then showing us the magic of 3-D, using those old glasses, I suppose. TCM obviously doesn't provide anybody with the glasses when they show this, but a good story doesn't need to be in 3-D to tell it. Not that a Pete Smith short is a good story, so here you probably would be better off with the glasses. As I've stated on several occasions, I'm not the biggest fan of the Pete Smith style of narration.

The Broadway Melody was one of the movies parodied in the old Dogville shorts, as The Dogway Melody. That short wasn't nominated for an Oscar since the Academy wasn't honoring shorts yet. There are several clips available on Youtube, but not the full thing, apparently.

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