Sunday, February 21, 2016

Some people complain about 31 Days of Oscar...

...but there are actually quite a few movies running on TCM this month that I haven't seen before. Just in the next 24 hours:

I haven't seen The Slipper and the Rose, which you can catch at 8:00 this evening.
Then there's the Albert Finney movie Under the Volcano, which is also new to me; that one is on overnight at 1:00 AM.
Finally, I haven't seen the Greta Garbo movie Romance, airing tomorrow at 11:00 AM, but then I'm not a huge fan of Greta Garbo.

I think the other big point is that pretty much for any movie fan there's a whole lot of stuff that's going to be new to us. Hollywood was putting out so much stuff in the studio era that it's nigh on impossible to see all of it unless it's your job to watch movies eight hours a day. And that doesn't even count all the foreign stuff.

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