Monday, February 1, 2016

Briefs and FXM Reruns

Unfortunately most of the movies I've watched off the DVR recently aren't available on DVD, or at least seem to be out of print, so I wouldn't exactly feel comfortable doing a full-length post on them. It's a shame, too, since for the most part I've been seeing some pretty entertaining movies.

Looking at the TCM schedule, we're into 31 Days of Oscar, which means a more limited lineup, but there are some movies that are going to be new to me. TCM is also re-running the documentary they premiered in 2014, And the Winner Is. It's airing tonight at 8:00 PM to kick off the prime time lineup, and is getting two more airings later in February. I didn't check the first two days of March to see if it's airing in the last two days of 31 Days of Oscar.

Meanwhile, I don't think there's anything on FXM Retro that's new to this blog. There are, however, a couple of movies that I blogged about in the past that I think are back on after an absence.

First at 10:00 AM is House of Strangers, which I last mentioned a year ago. Now it they could only take the remake, Broken Lance, out of the vault and show that too.

That's followed at 11:45 AM by Bigger than Life, a movie I don't think I've mentioned since the summer of 2012. I think it was on at some point in between then and now; I just didn't mention it then.

Finally, tomorrow's FXM Retro lineup concludes with Madison Avenue at 1:25 PM.

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