Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brief Blogger question

Does anybody else here have a Blogger/Blogspot blog and post to it using a browser other than Chrome?

This morning, I had been logged out of Blogger, so when I tried to post that blog post you see immediately below this one, I was told to log in again. I did, and got sent to a page telling me they wanted my cell phone number as a convenience for me if they needed to send me any important messages about the system being down, or some such. Screw it, I thought, since it's not a requirement of blogging on Bloger that you give them your cell number. So I clicked on the equivalent of the "no thanks" button, at which point I was sent into some sort of loop. On multiple browsers. It turned out that when I shut down the browsers and restarted them, I was in fact logged in to Blogger now, but darn if that wasn't annoying.

I don't have Chrome on my desktop computer since it's an aging computer and I've had memory problems trying to run Chrome. (I don't particularly care for it on my phone, either.) But since Chrome is owned by Google, who also own Blogger, I presume they've made Blogger such that it works just fine with Chrome, and wouldn't be surprised if has problems with other browsers to try to get people to switch to Chrome.

Thus why I was wondering if anybody else uses something other than Chrome, and if they had had the same problem I had this morning.

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Wendell Ottley said...

Wish I could help. I use Chrome almost exclusively, but I have occasionally used Explorer without any problems.