Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another night of Bob's Picks, presumably without Bob

I haven't been watching enough TCM in prime time to see if Robert Osborne has been back at all other than the TCM Guest Programmers, and darnit, I forgot to record the one of Candice Bergen's selections I really wanted to see. Oh well. Anyhow, TCM's schedule lists tonight's prime time lineup as a night of "Robert Osborne's Picks", which frankly would be a good way to let him go into retirement: just have him do the one night of picks a month, as well as the Guest Programmers. Supposedly Osborne is finally coming back in July.

Anyhow, Bob's selections are a batch of World War II-era movies, two of which I've recommended and two of which I haven't seen before:

Song of the Islands at 8:00 PM, an early Betty Grable musical;
You Were Never Lovelier at 9:30 PM, in which Fred Astaire falls for spoiled rich girl Rita Hayworth;
Lifeboat at 11:15 PM, Alfred Hitchcock's underrated movie about a group of people from the Allied countries who find they're on a lifeboat with a Nazi; and
Marriage Is a Private Affair at 1:00 AM, with Lana Turner wanting to be a bit of a playgirl.

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