Saturday, June 25, 2016

Another set of out-of-print stuff

TCM's online schedule -- at least the daily and weekly schedule -- shows whether you can buy a copy of the movie from the TCM Shop. It's not always accurate however. In general, though, it's a fairly good guide as to whether a movie is still in print on DVD.

Several films in the next 24 hours are no longer in print. The first of them, at 12:30 AM tonight (ie. still Saturday night in more westerly time zones) is The Young in Heart. Amazon lists a DVD that only has a few copies left, as well as a streaming option; TCM offers nothing.

Tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM there's Strike Up the Band, which you'd think would be available at the TCM Shop, since Amazon is offering one of those four-film TCM box sets of Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland musicals. (The other three in the set are Babes in Arms, Babes on Broadway, and Girl Crazy.) That having been said, this set seems surprisingly pricey compared to other TCM box sets.

That will be followed immediately at 8:15 AM by Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, which is again available at Amazon but not from the TCM Shop. Amazon claims the DVD release is from 2002. They've also got some non-North American Blu-Ray releases from what I see.

Finally, at noon tomorrow, there's A Little Romance. As I mentioned a year ago, it's one of those movies that received a DVD release years ago but is now out of print. It's a shame since this is such a fun little movie.

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