Friday, June 17, 2016

Forbidden images?

The blogger David Thompson, whose Friday Ephemera I always enjoy, linked this morning to the Open Culture blog, which had posted an old Youtube video claiming to call itself "Forbidden Images".

I have no problem believing that all of the images are from the 1920s, especially since some of the clips have been recognized by film buffs who know more about silent films than I do. The original Youtube video, which you can find here, was uploaded in October 2009 and comes with the following comment from the uploader:

I made this film for the 2007 edition of the 72 Hour Film Fest in Frederick, MD. These scenes come from a reel of 35mm nitrate that was discovered in the projection booth of an old movie theater in Pennsylvania. The projectionist spliced together this reel of banned, censored scenes to meet local moral standards or for late night, "personal" screenings. This is a true reel of Cinema Paradisio.

That's the part I have trouble believing. Anyhow, if you want you can watch for yourself:

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