Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fat people

"Nobody likes a fat man except a grocer and his tailor." So said Paul Maxey in The Narrow Margin. There's actually a long tradition of fat men in the movies, although not always used the way Paul Maxey was.

Often times, we get comic relief. Eugene Pallette, once he became corpulent, wound up as a put-upon father (My Man Godfrey) or other comic figure (The Adventures of Robin Hood, where he plays Friar Tuck if memory serves).

Some fat guys are more menacing. Sydney Greenstreet was certainly that way in Flamingo Road and The Hucksters, although some comic relief was mixed in when Greenstreet did The Maltese Falcon. Gotta love that laugh.

Raymond Burr played a good heavy for much of his movie career before he became Perry Mason on TV, but during his movie career he wasn't quite as, well, heavy as he would be by the time he did Ironside on TV.

So who's your favorite movie fat guy?

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