Sunday, June 12, 2016

Coming up on the TCM Schedule

Tonight at about 11:30 PM, just before Silent Sunday Nights, you've got another chance to see From the Four Corners. For those who haven't seen this, it stars Leslie Howard as a man in London who runs into three soldiers from various parts of the (former) Empire. Howard shows them around London and gives them a wonderful perorartion on just what it is they're fighting for -- and what America will be fighting for when we finally get off our asses and join them.

This week's TCM Import is Carnival in Flanders at 2:00 AM. It's a movie that I haven't seen before, but which sounds interesting to me. The plot involves the Spanish Netherlands (up until the early 17th century, the Low Countries were partly a Spanish colony). When the Spanish attack, apparently the men in one town all chicken out and leave, leaving the women to fight off the invaders.

Finally, I'll mention Kind Lady, which is airing at 1:00 PM Monday. Oh wait, that's not the correct link; TCM is actually showing the 1935 movie Kind Lady. It's pretty much the same story as the later movie. Aline MacMahon takes on the role that would be reprised by Ethel Barrymore; Basil Rathbone plays the bad guy. And, of course, there's no young Angela Lansbury.

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