Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A few more lesser obituaries

Composer Ron Grant died on Friday at the age of 72. The description of him in Wikipedia's list of deaths mentions he won an Oscar, so I was curious to see what movie he scored to win an Oscar. It turns out he did something more interesting. He developed software that made it much easier to time scores precisely so that the music goes well with the action on screen, and for that won a technical award in 1986. (In case you're wondering who had the best score, it was Herbie Hancock for 'Round Midnight, a movie I haven't actually seen.)

On Sunday, actress Tammy Grimes died, aged 82. She's probably more associated with the stage than the screen, and it was on the stage that she originated the role later given to Debbie Reynolds on screen as The Unsinkable Molly Brown. As for Grimes' screen work, one that I wouldn't mind getting a chance to see is Can't Stop the Music. It's a musical faux biography of... the Village People. Oh, and it was directed by Nancy Walker. Yes, that Nancy Walker. No, I didn't know either.

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