Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Another Norman Lloyd birthday salute

So I've blogged about Norman Lloyd's birthday a couple of times before. Well, he's still alive, and today is his 102d birthday, which would deserve a post just for that. But TCM is celebrating Lloyd in prime time, including a TCM premiere. Apparently, Lloyd was well enough to travel to the TCM Film Festival last spring, where he sat down and did an interview, I'm guessing with Ben Mankiewicz since Robert Osborne wasn't there. That interview will be airing tonight at 8:00 PM and again at 11:15 PM.

As is often the case, TCM is showing it twice, once for the people on the east coast and the second time for those of you out west. In between, there's one feature, in this case Saboteur, from which Norman Lloyd is pictured above playing the bad guy. That comes on at 9:15 PM.

The rest of the night has other movies with Lloyd in the cast. I don't remember him in Limelight (12:30 AM), but then, I'm not the biggest Charlie Chaplin fan. Lloyd is quite good as a creepy farm hand in The Southerner (3:00 AM). Finally, there's The Black Book, which reunited Bob Cummings and Norman Lloyd from Saboteur, at 4:45 AM.

One other Norman Lloyd role I haven't mentioned is a small one in He Ran All the Way. That movie will be on at 1:15 PM Saturday -- right after another airing (noon Saturday) of Lloyd's interview from the TCM Film Festival.

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