Wednesday, November 16, 2016

There's still stuff new to me

And I don't just mean stuff that's new to everybody, like films that are only hitting the theaters this weekend. TCM is spending much of tomorrow morning and afternoon with Rock Hudson on his birth anniversary, and I have to admit to not having even heard of the first two movies.

The one-sentence plot of Sea Devils (6:30 AM) made me think of To Have and Have Not, which had already been remade once. Rock Hudson is a fisherman from the Channel Islands given the task in the Napoleonic era of rescuing an English spy (Yvonne de Carlo) from France. The idea sounds reasonably interesting, but the reviews don't seem so good.

That's followed at 8:00 PM by A Fine Pair, in which Hudson plays a detective following jewel thief Claudia Cardinale. Sounds like one of the many, many heist movies from the era, which means it doesn't sound terrible, but doesn't sound particularly earth-shattering, either.

It's nice to see TCM bringing us movies that don't get shown all that often, so we can all learn new things. Now I just have to see if I can make enough space on my DVR to catch these two.

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