Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The rest of the Traveltalks

Back in June, I noticed another blogger pointing out that there was a 3-DVD box set of Traveltalks shorts, which was Volume 1. I figured this meant there would be a Volume 2 and a Volume 3, but back in June these hadn't been released. Since then they have.

Volume 2 was released in August, and put together with Volume 1, this contains all of the color Traveltalks shorts from before World War II, with one exception, a short on New Orleans. That has been released with a bunch of the post-War shorts, when James Fitzpatrick was able to get back to Europe, on Volume 3. Those three combined supposedly have all of the color Traveltalks shorts; there were a few black-and-white shorts from the early 1930s as well.

I was reminded of this by the fact that TCM's schedule tonight is dedicated to the centenary of the US National Park system. There are four or five features filmed in part in various parks, as well as, at 12:15 AM, four Traveltalks shorts back-to-back. That's not the entirety of the Traveltalks look at US national parks, however. I think the one on Glacier Lakes, for example, isn't airing. And then there are the Canadian parks; Fitzpatrick went to Banff and Jasper at various points.

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