Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ah, another block of shorts

This week's Silent Sunday Nights block on TCM, starting at midnight tonight and running until 2:00 AM, is five two-reelers, each with a dog as a main character. There are two of Hal Roach's Rascals shorts, Love My Dog and Dog Daze. There are also two Fatty Arbuckle shorts, Fatty's Faithful Fido and Fatty's Plucky Pup. The fifth short is a Harold Lloyd two-reeler, Number, Please?

However, figuring out which order they'll show up in is the interesting part. Logicall the two Hal Roach shorts would be paired, as would the two Fatty Arbuckle shorts. Whether Number, Please? comes in first, in the middle, or last is irrelevant. (I'd probably run the shorts in chronological order, but that's just me.) But as often happens when TCM schedules a block of multiple shorts, the scheduling goes out the window. The monthly schedule which I downloaded at the end of October has all five movies beginning at midnight. The Hal Roach shorts are first and fifth; Number, Please? is second, leaving the Arbuckle shorts third and fourth. On the online weekly schedule, however, the Arbuckle shorts are the last two, with the first two shorts being the same as the monthly schedule and the second of the Hal Roach shorts showing up between Number, Please? and the Arbuckle shorts.

And then there's my box guide. It has Fatty's Faithful Fido coming on at midnight, and... running for two hours. No mention of the other four shorts. The one advantage to this is that it's easy to record all five of them in one block. And one of the online non-TCM guides has the Arbuckle shorts first, with Number, Please? fourth. Oy. On the bright side, the two Arbuckle shorts and Number, Please? were all released before 1923 which means they're in the public domain and, therefore, easily found on Youtube.

The canine theme continues with TCM Imports, although instead of Mondo Cane, we get Umberto D at 2:00 AM.

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