Monday, February 26, 2018

A couple of deaths I should have mentioned

Nanette Fabray died last week at the age of 97. Fabray had a long career on stage, TV, and in movies, with the movie part of the career going all the way back to the 1930s. Fabray plays a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth in 1939's The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. I've got that one on DVD as part of an Errol Flynn box set, but I don't remember where in the movie Fabray's scenes come in, so I wouldn't be able to do a screenshot without re-watching the whole movie. Fabray was also in musicals like The Band Wagon, but those Freed Unit musicals are for the most part not my favorite thing.

I'd never heard of Sridevi Kapoor was apparently a huge star in Bollywood. She died in Dubai over the weekend. I listen to various international broadcaster podcasts, and had seen her name show up in Wikipedia's list of deaths, but was still surprised by the amount of attention All-India Radio's English-language news bulletin gave her death, even getting the comments of a prominent cricket player of all things. She apparently starred in a couple hundred movies in the various parts of the Indian film industry. I suppose it's easy for Americans to forget that Indian cinema isn't just Bollywood, which is really only the Hindi language films centered in Bombay. There are several other languages with tens of millions of speakers which all have their own vibrant film industries.

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