Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Here's an interesting listings screw-up

So I was looking to see if there was anything worth adding to the DVR in the next few days. TCM is finishing up 31 Days of Oscar with a week or so of movies nominated for Best Picture during the daytime, and movies that actually won Best Picture in the evening lineup.

According to the online weekly schedule and the monthly schedule for March which I finally got around to downloading, tonight's lineup is a bunch of war movies: Bridge on the River Kwai, Patton, From Here to Eternity, and Casablanca. Then, in prime time tomorrow, we're supposed to get musicals: An American in Paris, My Fair Lady, Oliver!, and The Broadway Melody.

However, imagine my surprise yesterday afternoon when I was looking through the schedule and saw Bridge on the River Kwai show up at 8:00 PM Thursday. My first thought was, "Didn't I just see that on the schedule?" Sure enough, when I went back 24 hours, there it was on the schedule. I don't know how often the listings services update their schedules, but the repeat prime time lineup was still on there this morning. More oddly is that I don't know how this particular screwup could happen.

Both nights, the last movie ends in time for the first movie of the day to begin at 6:00 AM, so the box guide listings for Thursday and Friday mornings agree with what's on TCM's site. I don't know what listings provider other cable and satellite systems' box guides use, but it's a heads-up for all of you.

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