Monday, February 5, 2018

TCM Guest Host for February 2018

So I made it a point to tune in to TCM on Saturday afternoon to see if the lady from Filmstruck whose name I can't recall was on yet, or if they had Ben Mankiewicz doing the Saturday afternoon intros. It turned out neither was the case. Once again, they had Dave Karger from the Today show doing the intros. This wouldn't be the first time; I think he was a guest host one month in addition to doing a TCM Spotlight.

I had read a thread on the TCM boards pointing out that Karger was going to be the guest host in parts of prime time: Mondays through Wednesdays in February. I went back to that post, and sure enough it mentioned that Karger was going to be hosting on Saturday afternoons as well. Interestingly, I can't find this anywhere on the TCM regular site. Normally it would be in the "Inside TCM" bit just below the big film clip, but instead that's all about mentioning what's coming up the next couple of days in 31 Days of Oscar.

I have no idea why Ben needed the time off in February, except that there's no Essentials and no Spotlight for somebody else to take even one night of prime time off his hands.

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