Sunday, February 25, 2018

Jiří Menzel at 80

One of the reports in Friday's edition of Radio Prague's English program that I listen to via podcast was about the 80th birthday of Czech New Wave director Jiří Menzel. Menzel is probably best known for Closely Watched Trains, a movie that I have to admit I'm not the biggets fan of. I like the basic story idea, but the subplots about the boss using the stamp on his secretary's behind for kinky reasons, along with the main character's sexual neurosis, were things I didn't care for. Other than Closely Watched Trains, I have to admit that I don't really know Menzel's work.

Radio Prague's report, which includes a couple of photos, is here As always, Radio Prague has a transcript, while there's also the opportunity to listen either via streaming audio, or to download an MP3 and listen at your leisure. The MP3 link is here; it's 1.5MB and about three minutes.

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