Thursday, February 22, 2018

Out-of-print updte

About two years ago I mentioned Babes in Arms, the Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland "let's put on a show!" musica that introduced the sond "Good Morning" to the world. It had gotten a DVD release, most recently on one of those four film box sets TCM and Warner Home Video like to put out, but that's apparently out of print because it's not available from the TCM Shop. Babes in Arms is on TCM at 6:15 PM today for those who want to watch. It's still not back in print on DVD, although looking it up on Amazon, it seems to be available via streaming right now, for those who can do that thing.

Then there's Goodbye, Mr. Chips which follows at 8:00 PM. This being 31 Days of Oscar, we get the 1939 version which won Robert Donat a Best Actor Oscar: today's category is the Best Actor Oscar, and you'll recall that Mickey Rooney got a nomination for it. The TCM schedule page implies that Goodbye, Mr. Chips is not available from the TCM Shop, but if you go to the TCM Shop, you'll find the Warner Archive DVD. (It's also available on Amazon Video.) The musical version with Peter O'Toole is also available for masochists.

Watch on the Rhine (noon today) is out of print on DVD, but another one currently available on Amazon Video. Well, I should add the caveat that Amazon returns a search result that you can watch these movies on Amazon streaming. Since I don't do streaming, I can't check and am not about to pay to check even if I could. Watch on the Rhine only offers an option to buy, while Babes in Arms and Goodbye, Mr. Chips all claim to offer the option to rent or buy.

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