Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Stephen Humphrey Bogart

So on Monday morning I woke up to another item of note in one of my RSS reader's podcast feeds, this time courtesy of Radio New Zealand:

Stephen Humphrey Bogart on his dad and Casablanca

Stephen Humphrey Bogart wasn't even born when his father, Humphrey Bogart, made Casablanca 75 years ago. It is considered one of the greatest films of all time.

Stephen Bogart was only 8 when his father died, but he will always have Casablanca and the stories his mother, Lauren Bacall has shared about the Hollywood legend who died too soon.

Stephen Humphrey Bogart talks to Jesse Mulligan about the 75th anniversary of Casablanca and the legacy of Humphrey Bogart

Radio New Zealand is one of those broadcasters that doesn't have anything close to a transcript of its features, so you'll have to listen to the interview. There's a streaming option at the link above, but if you want to download the interview you can do that as well. The direct download is here; the interview is 21:52 and the MP3 file is a little over 21 MB.

I haven't listened to the interview yet; I'm way behind in my features podcast listening.

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