Friday, July 6, 2018

A salute to Republic Pictures

TCM is spending this evening with four movies from lower-budget studio Republic Pictures. It looks like an interesting lineup, as I've never even heard of any of the movies. In fact, three of the movies are listed on the TCM schedule page as having the genre "TCM Presents", which is usually the sign of a TCM premiere.

The schedule is:
That Brennan Girl at 8:00 PM;
The Inside Story, about a small town during the Bank Holiday of the depression (when all the banks were closed) that suddenly comes into a bunch of cash at 9:45 PM;
The City That Never Sleeps, with Gig Young as a cop, at 11:30 PM; and
Trigger Jr., a Roy Rogers western, at 1:15 AM.

The TCM Shop lists the first and third movies as being available on DVD.

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