Sunday, July 1, 2018

I thought I blogged about Sherlock Holmes before

Well, Sherlock Holmes the movie, not Holmes the character. Tonight's Silent Sunday Nights feature is, according to the TCM website, the 1916 version of Sherlock Holmes, at 12:15 AM.

Now, I recall watching a silent version of Sherlock Holmes and thought it was from the early 1920s, starring John Barrymore as Holmes. And sure enough, a search of IMDb points out that there is a 1922 version of Sherlock Holmes staring Barrymore as Holmes, Roland Young as Watson, and quie a few other names you'd recognize, including William Powell, Reginald Denny, and Louis Wolheim. I don't recall how long ago I saw it, but a search of this blog says I never did a post on it. I can't do one now since I'd have to watch it again.

And that's not the silent version of Sherlock Holmes that's airing anyway. It turns out that there is also a 1916 silent, just like the TCM schedule page says. And apparently, that's the one airing tonight. I haven't seen this version, and frankly didn't know of its existence until today. TCM did air this one back in October 2015, near the very end of Robert Osborne's time at TCM:

The movie as a whole does not appear to be on Youtube, mostly because there were no known prints until 2014.

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