Thursday, July 5, 2018

TCM Star of the Month 2018: Steve McQueen

We're in the first full week of a new month, so it's time for a new Star of the Month. This time around, it's Steve McQueen, and his movies are going to be airing every Thursday night in prime time. Not quite all night, though, as TCM only has 16 movies, which means about four a night which won't take us all the way to 6:00 AM.

Tonight, for example, TCM is running The Swarm at 4:15 AM after four McQueen movies. The link above to TCM's bio of McQueen also mentions several movies of his that TCM won't be running this month, presumably because they couldn't get the rights to those. I don't recall how many years it's been since they ran The Towering Inferno, for example.

At least we get another airing of The Blob tonight at 8:00 PM, where 28-year-old McQueen plays a high school student who can't get the authorities to realize that there's a dangerous blob from outer space on the loose. Oh, the authorities will figure it out soon enough.

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