Sunday, July 1, 2018

Things that aren't on DVD

For some reason I thought this Sunday was the birth anniversary of actress of Bette Ford. However, it was last Sunday. IMDb says she just turned 81; Wikipedia says 91, although I have a feeling one of them was a typo. She did a lot of TV work, but was the subject of one interesting Warner Bros. short, Beauty and the Bull. Apparently Ford fell in love with bullfighting while modeling in Colombia, and decided to train as a bullfighter, something which women never did at the time. (A female bullfighter is the subject of the Esther Williams movie Fiesta.) However, the short doesn't seem to have been released as an extra on anything, as far as I could find.

Some time back when TCM ran a day of movies on the Antarctic, I had a chance to DVR the documentary With Byrd at the South Pole, a movie released in 1930 about Admiral Richard Byrd's 1928-1929 expedition to fly a plane over the South Pole. Paramount sent two cameramen along, and amazingly, the cameras worked in the bitter cold, enabling them to get a lot of footage of the expedition. It's an interesting movie, albeit not without its flaws. This one, too, is not on DVD that I could find.

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