Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Two things that got me thinking

This is Joe E. Brown and Jack Lemmon at the end of Some Like it Hot, right after Jack has taken off the wig and revealed that he is in fact a man. This time, however, after seeing the still, I immediately thought, where are Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe? The got in the boat along with Brown and Lemmon and should be in the back seat. And yet, there's nothing. So I went to Youtube and looked for the clip, which has been posted multiple times. Just before Brown and Lemmon start talking, there's an exchange between Curtis and Monroe that ends up with them kissing and going down, cutting to Lemmon looking back. Presumably, Curtis and Lemmon are all the way down on the floor of the back seat or something. But in a boat that size, I can't think there's any way they could both fit there without still being seen in the normal shot we get of Brown and Lemmon.

Somebody over on the TCM boards mentioned just having watched Lullaby of Broadway in a review thread, and posted this lobby card. I saw the card, and my immediate thought was, what's up with Gene Nelson's left foot? It looks as though he's kicking it across his right leg, although you can't see any shoe. The guy who posted the poster said he thinks that Nelson was actually doing a kick out, and that this would likely explain why the perspective looks all off. However, there's also the question of the pants leg. Shouldn't it flare out like the right leg?

Things like this are why you don't want to watch movies with me....

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