Monday, June 27, 2011

Alfred Hitchcock at Warner Bros.

Alfred Hitchcock started working at Warner Brothers in the early 1950s. TCM is showing several of the movies he made at Warner Bros. tonight. I thought I had blogged about all of them, but apparently it's only three. For the record, all five movies, with the links to the three I've blogged about, are:

Jane Wyman trying to determine whether Marlene Dietrich committed murder in Stage Fright at 8:00 PM;
Montgomery Clift as a Catholic priest having to keep a murderer's confession secret in I Confess at 10:00 PM;
Ray Milland trying to kill wife Grace Kelly in Dial M For Murder, at midnight
Henry Fonda as a man who is mistaken for a criminal in the docudrama The Wrong Man at 2:00 AM; and
Farley Granger being asked to commit the murder of the man Robert Walker wants dead in Strangers on a Train at 4:00 AM.

I could swear I'd blogged about The Wrong Man before; perhaps it's just the search problems Blogger seems to be having at the moment. A search of my blog for "Henry Fonda" yielded one result! Also, Strangers on a Train will be airing again on Friday afternoon as part of a tribute to Farley Granger.

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