Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So many dead people

If you hang out on the TCM message boards, you'll know that about three times a year, we regulars take part in the TCM Programming Challenge, in which entrants have to come up with a hypothetical week's schedule for TCM, subject to restrictions (notably on the number of premieres; you can't just take the entire Universal library from the 1930s and program the movies of your choice, as TCM doesn't have the broadcast rights to them). It gives a good appreciation of the difficulties TCM's real programmers must go through in trying to program a schedule.

Anyhow, this time around I decided to take the "TCM Remembers" idea of the video with all the famous people who died over the past year, and expand on it by looking not only at dead people, but at some of the other events that made the news in 2011. In doing the research, I was surprised and saddened at the number of people whose deaths I haden't noticed when they first happened.

* William Campbell, who starred in the movie Man in the Vault, which I recommended back in the summer of 2008, died back at the end of April.
* I completely missed the death of Gunnar Fischer back in June at the age of 100, but then, that's not a very recognizable name. He was responsible for the cinematography of The Seventh Seal and a bunch of other Ingmar Bergman movies.
* Michael Sarrazin, the male lead in For Pete's Sake, died in mid-April at the relatively young age of 70.
* Michael Gough got his start in Britain, and would go on to appear in Joan Crawford's last movie, Trog, and then play Alfred the butler in the Batman movies of the late 1980s and early 1990s. He died March, aged 94.
* Oldest would be Miriam Seegar, who appeared in about a dozen movies in the late 1920s and early 1930s, died at the beginning of January aged 103.

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