Monday, June 20, 2011

More schedule problems

Back at the end of March, I posted that TCM had made changes to the website that included screwing up the monthly schedule. Notably, they got rid of the one-sentence synopses, but also revamped them in a way that included a whole bunch of HTML that left extraneous lines if you copy the HTML page to a text file. They eventually got rid of the former problem, but never did solve the latter one. Now, there's a new problem, in that the monthly schedule for July can't be accessed; only for the current month. It would be a pretty big shame if you couldn't get the monthly schedule until the first day of the month.

On an unrelated note, I'm wondering if anybody else has been having problems with Blogger's search function. A week or so ago I tried to search on Jackie Cooper. Since I knew I'd written an obituary thread on him, a search would be bound to yield something. But no: see this photo for the results.

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