Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New month

We've finally gotten through May, and with a new month come new features to TCM. The Star of the Month is going to be Jean Simmons, although her movies show up on Tuesdays, which means we don't get them until June 7. TCM is also running a series they're calling "Drive-In Double Features"; you've probably seen the promos for this on if you've been watching enough TCM. I'm looking forward to the schlocky horror movies, kicking off with Japanese monsters this Thursday. This weekend also sees the final two chapters of the Buck Rogers serial, in which Buck presumably saves Earth for all that is right and good. (I don't think the Production Code people would let the bad guys win.) That's going to be replaced on the 12th by another serial. Right now the schedule says it's Ace Drummond from 1936, although that may be subject to change.

As for programming today, it's littered with repeats. TCM has gotten the rights to a couple of Fox movies about Nazi spies, and are airing them tonight as part of a line-up of movies about spying on the Nazis. First, at 8:00 PM is May 2010 recommendation The House on 92nd Street.
That's followed at 9:45 PM by Night Train to Munich, which I posted about in July 2009.
Third, at 11:30 is one that's not from Fox, but MGM: Above Suspicion, a selection back in July 2010.

You can find more Nazis today over on the Fox Movie Channel. At 10:30 AM, they're showing Man Hunt (hmmm, yet another movie I've recommended), followed at 12:30 PM by The Desert Fox.

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