Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Essentials, Jr. repeats

Tonight at 8:00 PM sees the second installment of this year's Essentials, Jr. series of kid-friendly movies that won't drive adults nuts. There's a feature and a short this week. First is the feature, Buster Keaton's The General. I'm not quite certain whether it's been part of Essentials, Jr. before; I'd probably be mixing it up with other Buster Keaton selections to say that it did. I know Sherlock Jr. did, and I think Steamboat Bill, Jr. did. But Keaton's silent comedies are all good enough that any of them are worth watching.

The General is followed at 9:30 PM by The Music Box, the Laurel and Hardy short about two men trying to move a piano up a flight of stairs. I know that one has been part of Essentials, Jr. before.

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