Saturday, June 4, 2011

James Arness, 1923-2011

James Arness died yesterday at the age of 88. He's best remembered for playing Marshal Matt Dillon on the long-running television series Gunsmoke, with one of the effects of that being that Arness had a rather brief movie career. Arness started out in the 1940s with his first movie role being one of the brothers in Loretta Young's The Farmer's Daughter, but once Arness took the Dillon role in 1955, he pretty much stopped making movies, although he did have a cameo in Alias Jesse James.

As for Arness' earlier movies, TCM already had Them! on the schedule for Thursday, June 9 at 8:00 PM as part of the "Drive-In Double Features" series running this month. Arness also played the Thing in The Thing From Another World.

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