Friday, June 10, 2011

I could go on repeating posts, too

Today happens to be the birth anniversary of Judy Garland. TCM is unsurprisingly spending the entire morning and afternoon honoring her, concluding with her final film, I Could Go On Singing, at 6:15 PM. Now, I new I had blogged about that movie before, and as luck would have it, my searching the blog for posts on Dirk Bogarde (since he's starring overnight in Victim) brought it up. The post was made on Judy Garland's birthday last year. Amd, coincidentally enough, when TCM scheduled I Could Go On Singing last year, they scheduled it for 6:15 PM as well. How convenient.

So, I got to wondering how many of the movies from last year's tribute to Garland were repeated for this year's. The Clock and The Pirate were shown back-to-back both years, although this year they came a bit earlier in the day. Summer Stock showed up mid-afternoon both days, and Girl Crazy showed up in the morning. No Meet Me In St. Louis (not that I care for the movie, of course); no Babes on Broadway with Mickey Rooney; no Harvey Girls.

Now, I can understand that for people who have a relatively limited filmography, or people for whom TCM would have difficulty getting the rights to broadcast some of the movies, that the same movies would get repeated. You'd think TCM could show two completely different lineups for Judy Garland, though.

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