Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas present for myself

I mentioned not long ago how depressing it was looking for classic films at the local DVD shop. There was one thing that I splurged on for myself though, which was a Mill Creek cheap set of DVDs of Alfred Hitchcock's early movies. I've seen most of Alfred Hitchcock's sound films, with one or two exceptions from his days in Britain, as well as Under Capricorn (which I think I saw on a TCM schedule for early next year). However, it also has a bunch of Hitchock's silent films, many of which I haven't seen. The early talkies showed up on TCM about six years ago when they did a week-long salute to the movies of Alfred Hitchcock; this even included otherwise obscure titles like Juno and the Paycock (not a very good film to be honest).

I'm normally a bit of a cheapskate, or to put it more kindly, I've always been reluctant to spend money I don't need to spend. But at $10 for 18 films and two Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes, I figured the worst that could happen is that I'd get defective DVDs. I'm looking forward to watching a bunch of Hitchcock's silents and getting close to seeing all of his surviving films (and maybe someday they'll find the remaining reels of The White Shadow).

The other upshot is that at some point in the future you'll probably start seeing posts on Alfred Hitchcock's silent films.

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