Saturday, December 31, 2011

The TCM Programmer's vicious sense of humor again

Death and doomsday on New Year's Eve? Why not! I've briefly mentioned Fail-Safe a couple of times before; that interesting movie about a rogue nuclear bomber crew is tonight's TCM Essential at 8:00 PM.
A movie that I have blogged about before is Panic in the Streets in which Richard Widmark has to race to stop a plague outbreak; that follows at 10:15 PM.
Armageddon comes, but only for one man, in D.O.A. at midnight.
Perhaps the least menacing of the movies is Ice Station Zebra, about espionage on a nuclear submarine, at 1:30 AM.
Finally, one of my favorites, even if it's not all that great, is Juggernaut, ending the night at 4:15 AM

Happy new year 2012 to all of you!

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