Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Parade of the Dead 2011

Apparently, the TCM Remembers piece for 2011, the retrospective that shows many of the more prominent people in the world of film who died in the last 12 months, finally aired just before the start of the prime time lineup last night. I had been watching after several films ofer the past few days to see if it would show up, but I had the great bad luck not to be watching TCM yesterday evening. But go on the TCM forums, and there are already people asking what the music is.

I looked on Youtube and the TCM Media Room last night, but nobody had posted the 2011 TCM Remembers piece yet. Quite a few of the other TCM Remembers spots for individual actors are available from the TCM Media Room, as are one or two of those from past years. (That last surprises me a bit considering I would have thought there would be rights issues with the music used.)

At any rate, I'm sure the TCM Remembers piece will air repeatedly throughout the rest of December, so look for times where there's a goodly amount of space between two films, and you might find the TCM Remembers piece. (I don't think it ever gets put on the schedule.)

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