Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More on TCM Remembers

It only took a half day or so for somebody to post it to Youtube. Thankfully the rights holders don't seem to get too worked up about the various TCM Remembers spots showing up on Youtube.

I got to see it on TCM last night after The Lemon Drop Kid. They included Harry Morgan, including him in what looked like a scene from The Ox-Bow Incident, which means they edited it very late. Part of the fun is trying to figure out what movies each of the clips is taken from, which can be tough, considering how fast the montage goes by.

There were one or two names that I was particularly looking for. I posted at the end of June that I was a bit surprised over how many obituaries I missed. So I was definitely on the lookout for Gunnar Fischer, and sure enough, TCM remembered to include him. They also included Swedish actress Lena Nyman, who was the female lead in I Am Curious (Yellow/Blue). I mentioned in October nearly missing the death of Diane Cilento, and sure enough, TCM had a clip of her. There were also quite a few actresses with French names whom I didn't recognize.

So, as always, it's a good job from TCM, although one has to presume they've got a person in the production department keeping track of all the obituaries over the course of the year so they remember to include as many of the people as possible over the roughly five minutes they have.

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