Sunday, December 18, 2011

A few more briefs

I recommended the 1925 version of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ all the way back in March 2008. It's tonight's TCM Silent Sunday Night movie, airing at midnight ET. It's not the first version, of course; back in June 2010 I posted including a Youtube link to a 1907 version that runs all of 11 minutes. (I also posted it in December 2009, but the Blogger search function is still screwed up, and my first site search on Ben Hur didn't bring up that post.)

Tomorrow morning and afternoon on TCM brings a bunch of Cary Grant movies, even though his birthday isn't until January. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, on the other hand, do bring birthday tributes: in order, TCM will be honoring Irene Dunne, Jane Fonda, and Ruth Roman.

As for what's on the Fox Movie Channel, you can see The Ghost and Mrs. Muir at noon tomorrow. This was actually the movie I bought for one of my young nieces last Christmas, figuring that even if was a bit too grown up for her, she'd grow in to it. She wanted to watch it that night when I gave it to her, and I have to admit she had trouble comprhending the idea of Rex Harrison as a ghost. She also didn't seem quite ready for a black-and-white film that runs that long.

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