Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A night of TCM Remembers

Back in June, I mentioned how I did a "TCM Remembers"-themed schedule for the TCM Programming Challenge, and remarked just how many famous people died during the first half of the year. When I did my schedule, I programmed one film from a different person who died in 2011 at the 6:00 AM time slot to start each day. Obviously, TCM wouldn't program a tribute in quite that way. I personally don't think it would be a bad idea if TCM took its December schedule and instead of a regular Star of the Month, honored all the people who left us over the course of the year, since there are always quite a few as you can see in the TCM Remembers montage every year.

Instead, TCM has decided to have a one-night salute to half a dozen of the more famous obituaries from 2011:

Jane Russell died at the very end of February. She starts the night of tributes appearing opposite Bob Hope in The Paleface, at 8:00 PM.
Peter Falk died in June, and starred in The In-Laws, which you can see at 10:00 PM
Sidney Lumet passed away in April. Although he was a very talented director, TCM has decided to honor him by showing the Private Screenings interview Robert Osborne did with him at midnight.
Elizabeth Taylor is probably this year's most famous obituary, having died in March. TCM is showing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at 1:00 AM.
Anne Francis died at the very beginning of the year. TCM's selection for her is Bad Day at Black Rock, at 3:00 AM.
Finally, Jackie Cooper left us in May. He, having been a child star, gets the earliest movie of the films selected: The Champ, at 4:30 AM.

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