Friday, December 16, 2011

There are only so many Christmas movies

TCM is continuing to show Christmas movies tonight, with three that I've at least mentioned in passing, if not blogged fully about.

Three years ago I blogged about The Bishop's Wife, which kicks off tonight's lineup at 8:00 PM. It's one of the greats, and a movie I could recommend over and over.
The next Christmas, I blogged about Christmas in Connecticut, which you can see at 10:00 PM. It aired back on Sunday; as I said, there are only so many movies out there for TCM to show during the Christmas season. (As another example, Fitzwilly, which I mentioned at the beginning of this month, got a second airing last Tuesday.)
This past March, on the birth anniversary of actor Felix Bressart, I posted a photo of him and James Stewart from the film The Shop Around the Corner, about two people (Stewart and Margaret Sullavan) who work together but don't like each other, but unwittingly fall in love when they answer anonymous personal ads. (I wonder if they like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.) You can see that at midnight.

Finally, I briefly made mention of the 1936 version of Three Godfathers as part of a birthday mention to director Richard Boleslawski. (I could swear I did a full post about the film one Christmas, but either I didn't, or Blogger's search function, which has definitely been acting up, couldn't find it. I mentioned the movie by title on Christmas 2008, and search isn't finding that.) It's airing tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM on TCM.

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