Monday, July 31, 2017

Diane Keaton night

Apparently the AFI honored Diane Keaton with its lifetime achievement award not too long ago. I don't pay close enough attention to these things and only spot them when the special shows up on TCM. That night is tonight.

The one thing I find interesting is that TCM is actually running it three times. Normally, a special like this gets an airing at 8:00 PM, followed by one feature and then a second airing for the benefit of the folks on the West Coast. That's true again this year, although the first feature is Reds at 9:30, which takes up three and a half hours out of the schedule. Also, TCM is running a 67-minute special in a 90-minute slot, padding it out with a short in each case. So after the second feature, there will be a third airing of the special at 4:30 AM. (TCM had to finish the schedule up at 6:00 AM since Summer Under the Stars begins tomorrow.)

Assuming the AFI special really is 67 minutes, I'm surprised they couldn't put it into a 75-minute slot and get the rights to a third Keaton film. For a film not also involving Woody Allen (Manhattan Murder Mystery at 2:30 AM is the second feature), they could have gotten something like Mrs. Soffel, which I've blogged about before. That would fit nicely into a two-hour slot.

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