Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sorry Canadians

So tonight is the highlight of the month's schedule on TCM for me, that being what I think is the premiere of A Double Life, the movie that won Ronald Colman his Best Actor Oscar, at 8:00 PM. I was surprised, however, when I saw over on the TCM boards recommending White Heat tonight at 8:00. Sure, that's a great movie, but it doesn't have Ronald Colman.

So it immediately occurred to me that the poster must be Canadian and that they don't get A Double Life in Canada, the poor things. Sure enough, a look at tonight's TCM lineup in Canada reveals that White Heat is on at 8:00 PM, no A Double Life.

On the bright side, Canadians don't get Random Harvest, which I think is a terrible, mawkish movie with a fully idiotic plot. They get Greer Garson with Clark Gable instead, in Adventure.

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