Friday, July 7, 2017

Testing Hitchcock

This month's TCM Spotlight on the films of Alfred Hitchcock continues tonight with a bunch of Hitchcock's sound pictures from his days in Britain, starting at 8:00 PM with Number Seventeen. The purpose of this post isn't really to point that out, although Number Seventeen is a movie that's worth a watch. Instead, since I've got the cheap Mill Creek box set, I decided to pop the DVD with Number Seventeen on it into my computer's DVD player and take a screenshot to see how posting photos is going to go now that I can't use Photobucket any longer. The first minor problem I noticed right away is that Blogger's native "Add image" dialog mucks around with the line spacing that I use. Normally I format posts with a modicum of HTML, just the links, bold, and italic. If I try to add a blockquote, that screws up the formatting for everything else that comes in the rest of the post in that the line spacing is much narrower than I like, forcing me to add in paragraph tags. But that's not much a big deal. When I first posted a photo here nearly 10 years ago, I simply copied the templates Blogger was using at the time, which didn't put the image in a div tag, and used that when I compose the stuff off-line, just modifying the URL to the image and the size tags.

This comes to the second issue, which is also minor but just enough to be irritating. Photobucket at least seemed to have a standard format for photo URLs in that you could name the photo and them just use one URL and change only the "nameofphoto.jpg" part at the end for whatever new photo you use. Blogger's URL is convoluted enough that I can't tell whether all my photos are going to end up in one place, and whether I can just copy everything but the name of the photo. But at least posting images is working, after a fact.

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