Monday, July 24, 2017

Shorts report, July 24-25, 2017

I haven't talked too much recently about any shorts coming up on TCM, either because I had other things to talk about, or there were days where TCM didn't have much in the way of shorts. But there are a couple that deserve mention:

Early tomorrow morning at about 5:05 AM following Mogambo is Big Blue Goose. The year of release (1956) and the subject (goose hunting) made this one sound like it's one of the RKO Sportscope subjects, and sure enough a look on IMDb reveals this is exactly the case. I think I prefer the current events RKO Screenliners which show a more interesting snapshot of America as it was then.

Another of the Bobby Jones shorts, on the proper swing, comes up a little after 10:30 AM tomorrow, sometime after Good-Bye, My Lady (a 95 minute movie in a two-hour slot starting at 8:45 AM). I'd have thought the golf shorts would have been more appropriate last week. Jordan Spieth certainly could have used it on the 13th hole.

Last, a little after 1:15 PM, there's Swing High, a 1932 short about trapeze artists. My immediate thought was yet another Pete Smith short, and for better or worse, an IMDb search confirmed this. I think I've stated more than enough times that I don't particularly care for Smith's narration, but there are certainly people who like it.

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