Monday, July 24, 2017

Movies I was going to watch off my DVR

I took a couple of vacation days this past week, so I actually got to watch four or five movies. If it weren't for the soccer, I would have watched more, but that's another story. Anyhow, I was looking for my DVR for movies I could blog about, and I was surprised to see that some of what I recorded has fallen out of print on DVD.

First up was Klute. Jane Fonda won an Oscar, for heaven's sake. That's the sort of thing that you'd expect would make a movie more likely to be readily available. And it's Jane Fonda, not somebody from the 30s. But I was very surprised to see that Amazon had a copy available for upwards of $40, and the TCM Shop didn't have one at all.

Next up I thought about Look Back in Anger, which I recorded back when Richard Burton was Star of the Month. There's another big name, and you'd think that might make it more likely to be available. But again, it's fallen out of print. Of course, this one is a British movie, and the DVD seems to have been released by whatever part of MGM/UA didn't wind up in the same corporate family as Warner Bros./TCM and all that other fun stuff.

Then I thought about Crime of Passion, which I recorded when it showed up on Noir Alley. That one isn't available... yet. At the TCM Shop, you can get it on pre-order, with the DVD available sometime in September, I think a few days after Labor Day. Well that gives me something to watch over Labor Day weekend.

I still actually have one or two movies I can blog about later in the week, although one was a DVD I bought and not something off the DVR.

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