Thursday, July 6, 2017

TCM Star of the Month July 2017: Ronald Colman

No photos accompanying this, since I still haven't gotten around to dealing with uploading to Blogger/Blogspot. And I don't think I currently have any photos of Colman, anyway. But Ronald Colman, who I think is one of the less remembered stars of the classic era, is finally getting honored as TCM Star of the Month. Every Thursday in July, his movies are going to be on TCM in prime time.

For me, the highlight is going to be A Double Life, at 8:00 PM on the 27th. It's the movie that won Colman his Best Actor Oscar, and one of those movies that I've always wanted to see mostly because of its presence on the old Oscar lists. I don't know if I've seen it show up on the TCM schedule, and I've been paying close attention to the schedule for a dozen years now. I've got the schedules going back to July 2007 on my computer, although Linux doesn't play well with searching the Windows drive. But I think I would have noticed if it every showed up on the schedule.

Anyhow, tonight's first night of Colman movies has a couple of Colman's silents, as well as some early talkies. I've briefly mentioned The White Sister (8:00 PM tonight) before; it's a melodrama about Colman getting separated from Lillian Gish by war. She, thinking he died, becomes a nun. And then an earthquake ensues. Because why not. I'm not certain if I've mentioned the first of the Bulldog Drummond movies from 1929 before; that one is on overnight at 12:15 AM. TCM did a night of Bulldog Drummond movies some years back, and I think the Colman version was the one I made a point of watching. But when you've got something that was made into a series a decade later it's easy to get the movies mixed up.

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