Monday, July 31, 2017

Jeanne Moreau, 1928-2017

I see that French actress Jeanne Moreau has died aged 89. Moreau starred in some of the more well-known movies to come out of France and the French New Wave in a career that actually spanned 60 years:

Elevator to the Gallows, a very good thriller about a man who plots to kill his boss, only for the plan to go wrong in part because he gets stuck in an elevator and in part because his car gets stolen; Moreau plays the lover of the murderer and wife of the victim.

In Jules et Jim, Moreau plays the love interest who intrigues both of the main characters although only one gets to marry her. To be honest, I'm not such a big fan of this one.

Then there's The Bride War Black, in which Moreau plays the bride whose husband is killed accidentally on their wedding day; Moreau then seeks out the men who were responsible for the shooting.

When it comes to English-language movies, Moreau was an unsurprising choice to appear in The Train, since the story is set in Paris in World War II. There's also Monte Walsh and The Yellow Rolls-Royce, among others.

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