Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ernest Borgnine and Anne Francis

The Screen Actors Guild is honoring Ernest Borgnine at its annual awards show this weekend. TCM is getting in on the honoring by showing a night of Borgnine's work. This also includes a re-broadcast of the 2009 Private Screenings interview Borgnine did with Robert Osborne, at 12:15 AM ET. The movies also include Borgnine's Oscar-winning performance in Marty, at 1:15 AM. The first two movies have smaller roles for Borgnine: The Dirty Dozen at 9:30 PM, and this week's TCM Essential, Bad Day At Black Rock at 8:00 PM. That Essential movie deserves a bit more mention because of who else is in the cast: Anne Francis, who died at the beginning of the month.

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